Tony Kearney

“I like to play with old cameras and older lenses, using low ambient light to produce portrait images that have an extremely short Depth of Field, allowing me to selectively focus in unexpected ways in order to leave the majority of an image awash with soft blur. The image of my friend Katya was taken in one of the abandoned woolstores in Port Adelaide, taking my favourite expired Kodak film and loading it into a vintage large format Speed Graphic press camera with its quirky 178mm f2.5 Aero Ektar World War Two aerial photography lens. ‘Zoe with can’ was also an experiment in minimal light and focus, this time using film in an old Hasselblad.”

In 2014, Tony took up a part time position teaching Black and White film photography at the University of South Australia. Only three years earlier he had received his highest qualification in photography, as a mature age student he finished with the top mark in the country for Year 12 Photography and Creative Arts. He was the winner of 2013 Inaugural RSASA Portrait Prize, Photography Category, for ‘Zoe with can’, the same image reaching the final Jury round of the International Fine Art Photography Award in Paris, 2012. The image ‘Katya’ was a finalist in the $25,000 Kennedy Art Prize for contemporary art, 2014. When not pursuing his passion for photography, Tony spends his time as a full time Director of Designmakers Pty Ltd, an Industrial Design consultancy based in Adelaide.

Tony has had work in sixteen exhibitions in the last two years, with TAR, an exhibition he curated and participated in, winning the BankSA Best Visual Art and Design Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013. (

Tony has had work published in Beta Magazine (

and in f11 magazine (

Tony lives in a converted warehouse in Port Adelaide with his partner and fellow photographer Sandra Elms.

“I’m an amateur photographer, I do it for the love of it.” (