Milan 2015

Australian Forex Invasion and ArtExpo2015

Group 1 Artists

Twelve Australian photographic and digital artists exhibited their art in Milan for 3 months between May 6th and July 2015, held space at ArtExpo2015 in Milan’s Spazzio Progetto, East End Studios.

During this time, Milan was playing host to the Universal World Expo, attracting 25 million visitors from all over the globe.

Group 1 Submissions

ArtMeet Gallery, Milano




Group 2 Artists

An additional 6 Australians joined our first group of artists for ArtMeet’s premier event. They also held space at ArtExpo2015 in Milan’s Spazzio Progetto, East End Studios.

Group 2 Submissions

Spazio Progetto East End Studio, Milano




Y Natural

Skin Care


South Australia, Australia

35 Pier St, Glenelg,
South Australia 5045

Phone: (08) 8294 1167

At Y natural, we ask a lot of questions. It’s reflected in our name and in the amazing products that are the result of challenging the status quo at every level.

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Naturally beneficial. Being natural doesn’t guarantee that it’s beneficial: arsenic is natural, but we don’t recommend that you rub it into your skin. For us to include an ingredient, it has to be natural and beneficial. For example, we won’t use ethanol (alcohol) even though it can be Certified Organic, because it doesn’t meet our uncompromising standards for benefit to skin and hair.

Organic. Y natural is Australian Certified Organic Processor 10995P. We chose to work to achieve ACO accreditation because ACO is widely regarded as having the most stringent standards for the certification of personal care products in the world.

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Lisa Hooton



Queensland, Australia

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Kallangur QLD 4503
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Tyre & Mechanical

Northgate, North Lakes, Murrumba Downs

Queensland, Australia

Northgate, Queensland, Australia

Toombul Rd, Northgate QLD 4013
Phone: (07) 3260 5488

North Lakes, Queensland, Australia

Burke Crescent & Wills Street, North Lakes QLD 4509
Phone: (07) 3491 9101

Murrumba Downs, Queensland, Australia


1/139 Dohles Rocks Rd, Murrumba Downs QLD 4503

Phone: (07) 3285 2123

Frank’s Pizza Napoli


Queensland, Australia

1-7 Ross River Road
Mysterton Townsville
4812 Queensland
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Family run and owned by Frank since 1980. With over 55 years of experience in hospitality, Frank’s has become not only a well known eating haunt for locals and visitors alike, its almost an institution.

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Harcourts Kingsberry Real Estate

Townsville & Townsville Beaches

Queensland, Australia

The history… of the oldest real estate business in Townsville. Kingsberry Property is the modern face of the oldest established real estate business in Townsville, and in fact the oldest trading firm in Townsville.

It has a rich and interesting history starting in 1879, by one of the first residents of Townsville, (yes… we are old and proud of it!) William Kirk’s firm, “Timber Merchants & House & Land Estate Agents”, was established in 1879 and was located in Flinders Street, Townsville city, (one of the few streets at the time!)

In 1909, the business employed a young man named Bert Howell who eventually purchased it in 1935. In 1983, at the age of 71, Bert sold the business to the now owners Nev and Rosemary Kingsberry who rebranded to Kingsberry Property in 2006, and located to 108 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park which is their current location .

In 2011, Nev and Rosemary appointed their son, Ben , as now part-owner and operator of Kingsberry Property.

In 2014 Kingsberry Property rebranded as Harcourts Kingsberry Townsville.


Star Parties Entertainment

Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia

DJ Elektra & The Star Party Crew

Phone: (07) 5593 1854 or 0422 653 488

Nicole’s Mobile

Dog Wash & Grooming


Queensland, Australia

Phone: 0438 781 851


Without the support of our financial benefactors, this project would not have been possible.

The artists and organisers would like to extend our warmest gratitude to all of these generous people and organisations.

Thankyou for supporting Australian artists!

$10.00 Anonymous
$50.00 Marty Key
$15.00 Clare McGregor
$10.00 Anonymous
$5.00 Tara
$5.00 Anonymous
$20.00 Michael Thompson
$300.00 Kay Walker
$100.00 Ray White Riverside (Townsville – Qld)
$500.00 Lisa Hooten Accounting (Kallangur – Qld)
$50.00 Woolworths (Petrie – Qld)
$50.00 Sandy Tran
$300.00 GoodYear AutoCare (Northgate, North Lakes and Murrumba Downs – Qld)
$50.00 Nicole’s Mobile Dog Wash (Petrie – Qld)
$50.00 Gail Henton
$35.00 Steve Lovegrove
$100.00 Jennifer Jefferies
$60.00 Christina Polas
$300.00 Residents of Newtown, Sydney, NSW (2042)
$10.00 Sue
$25.00 Michele Leggy
$20.00 Andrew Thompson
$20.00 Michelle Bowden
$10.00 Mick McKean
$25.00 Anonymous
$100.00 Anonymous
$375.00 Al Austin
$25.00 Carolyn Saul
$250.00 Anonymous
$20.00 Paul Dimech
$10.00 Amie Storer
$721.00 Steve Lovegrove
$10.00 Anonymous
$20.00 Jac Vidgen
$50.00 Elsa Galbally
$20.00 Michelle Wivell
$500.00 Y Natural Skincare (Australia)
$40.00 Steve Lovegrove
$10.00 Tracy Hardy
$10.00 Alison
$100.00 Fran Southward
$10.00 Daniela Pinna
$50.00 Adele Flood
$100.00 Suzanne Elliott
$25.00 Kelly
$25.00 Manda J
$25.00 Narrelle
$30.00 Leeanne & John
$250.00 Frank’s Pizza Napoli (Townsville – Qld)
$100.00 Allison Gough
$104.00 Ben Kingsberry
$100.00 Lynda Summerton-Black
$25.00 Leonie Sanderson
$40.00 Kathy and Mark Falahey
$25.00 Anonymous
$25.00 Mikarla Teague