art advisors, milan, italy

ArtMeet is the brainchild of Alan D’Orlando, an artist himself and from a family of artists residing in Milan, Italy. Since 1997 Alan D’Orlando, has been promoting cultural and artistic initiatives. He was joined in 2008 by Melissa Colangelo who contributes as an art organizer and initiatives curator.

Together they create, manage and promote art events, exhibitions and services for artists and collectors.

The aims of the ArtMeet are to:

Create collective art exhibitions;

  • Curate solo art exhibitions;
  • Produce private presentations of books, meetings, ideas and short films.

These collective and personal exhibits utilise the ArtMeet, which is in the Loreto Area in the middle of Milano city, and further aim to promote artists by offering activities such as:

  • Art contests;
  • Exhibitions abroad (In Europe and on other continents).

ArtMeet are proud to present and promote art and culture within their home city, specifically with a view to connecting artists and collectors during Expo Milano 2016.