Kirsten Heritage

Kirsten Heritage is a photo-media artist living in Far Northern Australia.  Her hometown of Townsville lies sandwiched between the lush rainforest, the dry Australian outback and the Great Barrier Reef.

Her creative work reflects an emotional connection to a childhood lived in the tropical light – from watching the burning sugar cane fields at twilight outside her grandmother’s windows, to the glistening bay and island views from her current hillside home.

Heritage emerged in the 1990s as a classically trained visual artist, graduating with First Class Honours, and went on herself to be a university educator in visual arts for over 20 years whilst pursuing her own photo-media work and exhibitions.

Kirsten Heritage’s work focuses on the aesthetics of light, movement, place and colour as a means of blurring the lines between conscious and subconscious states. The capturing of pieces in the transition from day to night speaks to the passing of time in the Torrid Zone.