Dawne Fahey

Dawne Fahey was born in Melbourne and lives in Sydney. She is particularly interested in the creation of fine art and documentary photography, urban and country landscapes.

Dawne originally studied Black & White Photography some years ago before taking up mixed media arts and more recently she has rekindled her love of handmade prints by studying alternative photographic printing processes in New York and Australia.

Dawne’s work highlights an intense curiosity between self and other, in an exploration of the intersection between cultural immersion, light, identity, landscape, personal meanings, time and sensibility.

Dawne seeks to find emotional depth in ordinary events and everyday objects, and the extraordinary in the landscape that surrounds her. In doing so, Dawne’s photographs make sense of her felt experience of the world.

Dawne is also working experimentally with textures in digital imagery, as well as handmade cyanotypes and gum bichromate alternative photographic print processes.