Cate Curwood

As a first generation Australian growing up on the island of Tasmania the wonder of this place was fostered by my parents who excitedly explored the island at every opportunity.  As I grew and survived life’s milestone, it became evident that sharing my love of colour and nature was an essential part of what I do and who I am.  Hence, my island home inspires the paintings, drawing and sculptural works produced in my studio Wombles Denn. Photography is an integral part of capturing that inspiration. It is also a way for me to capture the wild, raw and sometimes foreboding essence of Tasmania and share it with a world that is sinking under the weight of concrete.

Whale Tears (2011)

Taken on Hope Beach this photograph is taken only moments after the juvenile blue whale died after beaching itself. Separated from his mother by heavy storms, this young juvenile could not negotiate the reef to reunite with its mum.

Shells Clinging (2015) (Can I rename this – Family Shells)

These mollusc shells are clinging to a sandstone outcrop locally known as the Vault.  This group of molluscs were just above the waterline and are to my eye reminiscent of a family group.  Who stick together during high tides and low tides.