Daniela Pinna (Australia)

Daniela Pinna is an Australian artist and photographer living in Adelaide. In 2015, she graduated
from the University of South Australia with a Master of Visual Art and Design (Photography).
Her art practice explores notions of perception, reality and the interplay of light, colour and form
as a visual and physical experience. Daniela explores the possibilities of the photography medium, experimenting with installation and textiles to create immersive experiences.

‘The visual effects of light, colour and form are of endless fascination to me. I constantly find myself drawn to settings where their interplay creates unusual appearances that challenge my perception. I see a poetic beauty in the way these appearances can spontaneously emerge from a landscape and take on an atmospheric, theatrical or otherworldly quality. Mere fleeting moments in time and space, these ephemeral visual phenomena materialise and create their own narratives, and perceived reality becomes mystical and enchanting.’