Claudia Kolb (Germany)

Claudia Kolb is a photographer and graphic designer living in the idyllic northern Black  Forest area of Germany. Ever since her childhood, the beauty of nature in the varied  landscapes of her surroundings have inspired her to photograph and paint. Throughout her  life, Claudia has captured an extensive amount of photos, highlighting flowers, wildlife,  and landscapes, which are her passion. Claudia is fascinated by the botanical world with  its complex patterns, vivid textures and organic structures. Based on her photographs she  skillfully combines floral shapes and ornaments into digital paintings by blending various  filters and layers. With pen and drawing tablet she blurs, amends and reshapes the natural  forms and plays with light and shadow. Immerse yourself in a surreal world full of intense  colours, bold contrasts and soft shades. Claudia’s work can be seen online at